Get Your Psychic Knuckles Crackin’

The Beginner’s Self-Study Course is a 24-unit Introduction to Psychic Mediumship with Reverend Medium Tracey Lockwood

This introductory series is perfect for the naturally-gifted novice who would like to learn more about the field of psychic mediumship and begin practicing development exercises on their own.

Fun, easy, exciting and profound; learn the vocabulary, philosophy and principles of Psychic Mediumship. Enjoy the weekly self-practice exercises that are designed to rapidly progress your abilities and Get Your Psychic Knuckles Crackin’.

With each of the 24 units, you'll get a personal password to the audio link and a written transcript, so that you can either listen to or read each lesson. Also included are self-practice exercises for you to do on your own during the week.  Study from the comfort of your own home!

This is a wonderful way to prepare yourself for the 12-week Professional Psychic Mediumship Training & Certification Program (“The PPMCP”).

BONUS: If you purchase Get Your Psychic Knuckles Crackin’, you get a $250 credit towards The PPMCP. the live-classroom, web-based, group training and certification program.

Another option you might like to consider, is to add some private tutoring/mentoring with Tracey. She offers one-on-one, live, webinar-based training options, by separate arrangement.


Two ways to pay:

  1. Purchase all 24-units for $549. Save $45 total from Monthly payment option.
  2. Purchase the first Monthly set of four units for $99, and pay separately for each Month's study as you move through the program.



Unit 1  “Signs /Symptoms / Techniques of Opening Psychic Ability ”

Unit 2  “Psychic Protection: 3 Types”

Unit 3  “Clearing: Energy / Spaces / Auras / Crystals”

Unit 4  “Tools & Terminology of Psychic Mediumship (1 & 2)”



Unit 5  “Chakras: Function / Balance”

Unit 6  “Colors in the Aura / Clairvoyance”

Unit 7  “Layers of the Aura: Chakras / Dimensions”

Unit 8  “Meet Your Body Deva”



Unit 9  "Psychometry: The Art of Touch & Tell”

Unit 10 "Telepathy / Empathy: What’s the Difference?”

Unit 11   "Clairvoyance / Seeing Spirits”

Unit 12  "Ghosts / Poltergeists / Apparitions: What’s the Difference”



Unit 13 "Spirit Guides & How to Meet Them”

UNIT FOURTEEN - “Reincarnation / Recalling Past Lives (1 & 2)”

UNIT FIFTEEN - “Past Lives / Recurrent Dreams”

UNIT SIXTEEN - “Mediumship: The Discipline (1 & 2)”



UNIT SEVENTEEN - “100 Questions About Mediumship (1 & 2)”

UNIT EIGHTEEN - “100 Questions About Mediumship (3 & 4)”

UNIT NINETEEN - “7 Planes of Existence”

UNIT TWENTY - “Encounters with Angels”



UNIT TWENTY-ONE - “Why Can’t You See Me?”

UNIT TWENTY-TWO - “Jinn / Angels / Mankind”

UNIT TWENTY-THREE - “Inhabitants of the Astral & Mental Realms”

UNIT TWENTY-FOUR - “Channeling / Messages from Spirit / Light Languages”


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Whether you choose to make a Single payment for the full 24-Week Course, or choose the Monthly payment Option:

UPON PURCHASE please TEXT our office at 540.998.9789 or email [email protected] for us to register you and ,please, allow up to 48-hours for us to email you the private pass codes to the Audio(s), Transcript(s) and Weekly Self-Practice Exercises.

BONUS: if you purchase  Get Your Psychic Knuckles Crackin’ and wish to continue your studies in the 12-Week PPMCP live group training, please let us know so we can register you for that as well. You'll get a $250 credit towards the purchase of The PPMCP.

We rely on you to let us know of your interest. If you let us know, You'll receive a $250 credit towards the full price of the next round of Tracey's 12-Week Professional Psychic Mediumship Certification Program (The PPMCP). Please see that page of this website for more information.

This $250 credit towards the cost of the PPMCP and is non-transferable and has no cash value, but may be used solely as a credit towards the full price of The PPMCP.  It may not be applied to the cost of the course for students receiving  or eligible for partial scholarships according to income. Please keep and be prepared to provide a copy of your receipt of purchase when enrolling in The PPMCP.