If you'd be interested in developing your innate mediumship abilities, and would  enjoy the undivided focus of a private instructor, and want to study from the comfort of your own home ...

You CAN do it!

Tracey would be tickled to work one-on-one with you, and can help you take your skills forward in this wonderfully profound series of mediumship development. Her live-webinar, weekly sessions allow you to deepen your skills in a relaxed, fun and loving learning environment. Course work is a structured, 3-tier curriculum.

It is one of Tracey's highest joys is to mentor individuals in the reawakening of their innate natural abilities. She can help you make the connection to the other side, deepen your understanding of how it all works, and experience the joy of working with spirit. This unique series is designed to effectively unleash your natural abilities.

You will get to know your spirit guides and angels, learn how to communicate with those in spirit and realize just how much you CAN do!

  • Mediumship Level 101 - Beginner (4-week series) $999
  • Mediumship Level 102 - Intermediate (6-week series) $1,500
  • Mediumship Level 103 - Advanced (6-week series) $1,800
  • Mediumship Bundle of the 3 Levels - 101, 102 and 103 (16-week package) $3,999 (this bundle price saves you $300 on the 16-Week 3-Level Series AND another $300 on the PPMCP Certification Program)
  • One Private Session (Any topic, one hour+) $333

In Advanced Mediumship Level 103, Tracey will bring a different "practice person" to each of your classes for you. She will work closely with you to help you to easily connect, deepen your evidence, and to deliver messages of compassion, wisdom, and truth.

Upon completion of each Level of study, a Certificate of Achievement will be awarded in honor of your accomplishment.

$300 VALUE BONUS: When you complete the entire Mediumship Series Levels 101, 102 and 103, you will receive a $300 credit towards the 12-Week Professional Psychic Mediumship Certification Program (The PPMCP). 

*** After discussing the possibility of your studying directly with Tracey, she will schedule a mutually-agreed-upon, weekly time for your private development sessions. If you purchase the entire series, you can opt for a continuous stream of classes or take a break between each level. If you need to skip a week due to personal circumstances, plan to give her as much notice as possible and she will reschedule with you.

Please note that because she wants to keep your studies with her personal and focused, the number of private students that she can accept simultaneously is limited. She will get you scheduled and started as quickly as possible. There is not usually an overly-long delay.

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