Victoria E - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I am EXTREMELY picky about psychics/mediums, etc. This is my field, and I've worked with the best. Tracey is absolutely gifted, she did not hesitate to convey strong, direct hits, accurately perceiving conditions, unique specifics related to my inquiries. She also accurately perceived the individuals I asked about, and was very honest and true-hearted in what she conveyed, of her perceptions. In addition, she has a beautiful spirit and old, loving soul and - the mark of a true teacher - an irreverent and welcome sense of humor. I adore her and recommend her service to any seeker, at any level. God bless you, sister. Victoria E. New York


Judith Lofgren - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I had a reading with Tracey a few weeks ago by phone. She was very warm and empathetic. She was able to connect me to the person I wanted to talk to with an accurate description, and familiar mannerisms. She was also able to relay their loving messages to me which felt like a beautiful gift. I love her YouTube videos, which she teaches about many interesting and informative topics on mediumship and afterlife in a comprehensive manner.


Dorothy Owsley - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I have had several readings with Tracey and each one was better than the last. Tracey's insight was amazing and accurate. Tracey was able to give me strength and closure when the love of my life, my father passed on Easter Sunday Morning. Thanks to Tracey, I was able to keep moving forward with zeal . Tracey is truly a blessing in my life and she is all so a wonderful person.


Mary Schlesinger - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Very straight on! Very informative and helpful.


Estella Cardoza - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I've known Tracey for over 3 years, I went to her for guidance, personally, emotionally and spiritually. Together with puzzled together pieces of me such as my Souls Purpose as well as finding parts of my past lives. We worked so well together that with time, she helped me find, my Twin-flame. Tracey is amazing at what she does, I should tell you that I too am a Medium, but only found my potential through Tracey. I trust her completely and highly recommend her for direction in all areas of life


Marissa Sachs - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I had a wonderful few visits with Tracey and I can say first hand she's very gifted and spoke to my soul. I highly recommend a visit with Tracey. I was able to connect with loved ones and have a few questions answered. She's truly a blessing and first class in her industry! Love you Tracey!


Rick Gallaher - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey Lockwood, is an excellent “physic” and educator. She is no-nonsense, down to earth empathy her insights spiritual guidance are excellent and on-target. She is on-target and excellent. If you have been searching for a teacher or just need a reading she is well worth scheduling an appointment. I found that she is excellent and on-point.


Linda Tolley - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I have seen Tracey numerous times over the last 2 years, she has given me so much strength and guidance for a situation very dear to me. I have to say with much conviction "I couldn't have made it this far without her and would have made things far worse for myself had I not had her"!!! She is a truly kind and amazing person!!!!!!


Jean Travers - CLIENT give 5 STARS

​They don't come any better than Medium Tracey Lockwood. I've personally had several readings with her and her abilities never stop amazing me. She places the missing puzzle pieces of your life and fills in the blanks. Has a way of reaching out and grasping things from your past long forgotten and brings to light to the present day answering do many questions. There is no doubt Tracey has a gift that not every medium has and her pursuance of integrity shines through giving you a perfect reading.


Christina Fox - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is a phenomenal psychic, medium, & teacher.  I had the pleasure of attending a weekend workshop with her on developing intuitive abilities. Tracey has a beautiful way of putting one at ease. She is skilled at helping students empower themselves, realize & validate their gifts. Her gentle & knowledgeable approach is effective in helping students grow. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their intuitive gifts.


Doreen Farris - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

The reading I got from Tracey was wonderful. She was so specific about the people and my pet, it was as if she already knew them. She helped me feel better about the decision I had to make medically about my fur baby and to know that should she get sick in the future, she just wants to cross that Rainbow Bridge. We discussed my parents and a wonderful friend that left me 2 years ago. Discussing her really helped me. I feel sure that I will be calling upon Tracey again in the future! Thank you again Tracey!


Kat Wilsey - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

The first time I met Tracey Lockwood was in 2014 at the Festival of Light in Forest VA. I had lost my mother and was also dealing with some heavy personal issues. I booked a 15-minute time slot with her. I had never spoken with a medium before due to being raised to believe they are "of the devil" and "quacks out to make money off others' pain and misfortunes". This could not have been any further from the truth!! When I first sat down with her she told me I had recently lost someone close to me and she thought it was my mother because she said she was standing behind me with a look of disapproval and then Tracey mimicked what she saw in my mother's body language. At that point, I burst out in tears ... WOW!!! Tracey was spot-on.!! She spoke with me far longer than the 15 minutes I paid for. Since 2014 I have booked several sessions for myself as well as for my daughter and my best friend. Tracey is genuine, kind and always delivers her messages in the spirit of love and compassion. She is a permanent staple in my life. I highly recommend for anyone seeking answers for difficult situations, issues or dilemmas to reach out to her and book a session...TODAY!!!. If you cannot afford it, let her know; she is excellent at working with you on that.


Peter Lohr - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I have had two readings and plan on more. Tracey is highly accurate and gives great clarity. My readings with Tracey have helped me plan out the next few months of my life. I am so grateful for her talents and abilities. If you're reading this and have not had a session, I highly recommend that you pick up the phone and call! You will not be disappointed with her accuracy or her depth into the "real issue" of whatever is going on as well as the guidance which will just "feel right." Tracey is a truly talented psychic and that very quickly "tuned-in" to a variety of my personal issues at the time.


Karen Wright - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

If you need closure from the loss of a loved one, Tracey can help. If you have a pet and you need to learn what they are thinking, Tracey is your gal. If you want to learn more about your spiritual self and meet your angels and guides, Tracey is there to connect you. Her readings are accurate and thorough, and she has a great gift.


Kelly Mason - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey has been my mentor for over a year now! I am so very blessed spirit brought us together. Her knowledge and expertise on all things spirit has allowed me to grow and develop as a student and now a practicing medium.


Mary Weidner- *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is a gifted reader who cares deeply for her clients. She is also a talented teacher. I took her 12 week course on intuition and psychic mediumship. It changed my life as I am now working in this capacity. You will not go wrong with Tracey. I highly recommend her.


Ellen - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is a joy to be around - uplifting and strong in providing guidance on decision making.


Elizabeth Longs - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

The real deal everything was on point you will not be disappointed by getting a reading from Tracey truly remarkable



Tracey was amazing! I’ve had a few readings in my life, but the quality and accuracy of Tracey’s reading was head and shoulder above all others. Highly recommend.


Sarah Ellen - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey answered all of my questions and more. She is personal and makes you feel comfortable talking to her. I would definitely recommend her services. I am very pleased with my reading.


Robyn Wells - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Three words... Talk.  To.  Her!! Her gifts and clarity are off the charts amazing!!! She’s legit. Hurtful pain that I had carried for over 20 years was removed from me in one hour. The pain has not returned. I have a completely different outlook on life. She brought the magic back. I’m happy again. She knew things that I never told her or even remotely hinted about. I count my blessings that I found Tracey. She gave me exactly what I needed. Eternally thankful for her help. 5 stars? 50 billion stars still wouldn’t cover how awesome she is!! Set up that appointment. You will be so happy you did!!


Jennifer Sher - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

I've been following Tracey for about two years now. I am so happy I was able to attend her PPMCP program. She's an amazing instructor, she teaches you from the heart, she honors the process and teaches that. I am so happy to be her student. <3<3<3


Janine H. - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Absolutely amazing. Tracey is the most grounded and powerful medium and teacher I have ever crossed paths with. I am finishing up a 12-week certification course with her and it is and has been completely life changing. The value that this course and Tracey brings is unimaginable. I HIGHLY recommend her whether you are seeking a private reading or looking to enhance your abilities. There are many great mediums out there, but not many that are also extremely gifted at TEACHING it.


Mary Weidner - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

I am finishing up Tracey's 12-week course on Psychic Mediumship. It takes time, work and focus but I am now doing readings professionally and I owe it all to Tracey's patience and diligent tutelage. She is an amazing teacher; guiding her students to trust in their spiritual gifts. It is a program that encompasses all aspects of spiritual history and modalities of practice. It takes a real talent to bring out another's talents. She has a special gift. Well worth the investment.


Sylvie Atkinson - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

I met Tracey in August 2017 since then, she has played a VERY important role in my life and my personal development. Tracey radiates LOVE, is very intuitive and knows exactly what you need and when you need it. She is an amazing teacher and a great role model. Thank you so much Tracey and looking forward to taking your development course. Much love to you <3 Sylvie


Michelle Ghandi - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is such an encouraging teacher! The PPMCP is a wonderful way to grow in your gifts and understanding. I learned so much and developed skills and confidence that apply not only to my gifts but as a person. So many thanks to Tracey for putting this course together and creating a supportive community. Can’t wait to see where it leads in the future. Oh…wait…now I can and I am looking forward to it! 😉


Jill Loftis - *** STUDENT / CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey has helped me with guidance on many issues and has been a wonderful help to me. I trust her readings and also her help with spiritual questions and learning more about the world’s unseen to most of us. Highly recommend.


V. Aldrich - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is a gifted medium and teacher! She truly cares about her students and their growth. I attended one of her classes and we covered a wide range of information - it was great! I also met some wonderful people in class. If you are curious about metaphysical topics, or serious about developing your intuitive abilities, sign up for her classes!


Queen Georgia - CLIENT


It does not matter what one believes or does not believe...There is no denying that Tracey Lockwood is a beautiful, kind soul who has a gift. Whether or not you fully believe or are a bit skeptical, no matter what you walk away feeling after a reading, you know that her heart is a genuinely tender one...I first had an in-person reading with her 4 years ago at a time when I was at my lowest point in life...She didn't know anything about me and when I met her, she greeted me with a warm embrace and child-like smile...She had a piece of paper with so many random things written all over it about me...Things that were uncanny...Things that I never discussed with her...They were all written before I arrived...The paper was mine to keep...I was so depressed...I am sure she could tell during the reading, but there was nothing cold about it...It did help me find solace because I have had phone readings with her off an on ever since and we always go beyond the so-called "allotted time"...She talks to me as a friend...It goes beyond readings...She is a friend...She opens up about her own self and her personal life...She makes you feel comfortable...None of us are God...And so even gifted people can be wrong...They do not know everything...But Tracey does make her gifts known in the strange and uncanny way of knowing what you are thinking before you say it and even the people you know end up saying what she said, not knowing she gave you a reading...As I said...No matter what one believes or the feeling they are left with, no human being knows everything...And even Tracey will say that...But Tracey Lockwood does have gifts that are revealed beyond the lack of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence amongst us mere mortal humans.


Richard Skipper - PEER gives 5 STARS

I had the good fortune of interviewing Tracey and I was immediately compelled by her openness, warmth, and I felt connected rarely felt before with my subjects. I highly recommend her.


Tessy Golightly - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I felt at peace after talking to Tracey. She and I talked after my grandmother passed away, and she knew many things that only just my grandmother and I shared. I have felt closer to my grandmother ever since.


Lisa Anderson - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Very accurate. I enjoy talking to her. She has been a great help!


Bernard Alvarez - PEER gives 5 STARS

Amazing mediumship abilities. If you want the "real thing" book a session with Tracey. A kind, compassionate and truly gifted luminary lady.


Gina Taylor - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I love Tracey, she is right on the money. I have had several readings with her, and every time I leave with a sense of comfort. Would highly recommend her.


Sara Victoria – CLIENT / PEER gives 5 STARS

Tracey has very genuine gifts and the developed skill necessary to employ them for the sake of valuable counsel. She saw numerous specifics relative to my inquiry that were spot on, was able to distinguish some quirks that told me she perceived accurately - things that were not at all likely or that she could have anticipated. Moreover, she's extremely pure in her connection to divine love and serves her clients from a place free of self-importance - she's both the real deal and a super cool friend.


Lisa Martinez - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is the real deal. I was taken aback as she was able to really connect with my past that has changed me as a person.


Amy Zickafoose - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is the most talented person I know. My experiences with her always exceed my expectations. She is the best!

Cathy Fisher – CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is the most amazing psychic medium I have ever met! Her readings are specific, meaningful and she not only described my loved ones, but she also relayed things from them using the exact words they would have used. She has great integrity. She is the only psychic medium I would get a reading from as I can’t imagine anyone could be better or more accurate.


Jean Travers (2nd rating) - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I’ve had many wonderful readings with Tracey Lockwood in the past and always look forward to the next. She is spot on with every question and right to the point. Her ability to channel deceased loved ones is amazing, with information that she could not have known previously. If you are looking for a "real and true" medium I would rate her with many more than five stars.


Josephine Brandimore - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

A very kind and caring person, definitely worth meeting and sharing experiences with.


Erica Jenkins - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is awesome... I had no idea that she would know so much... No one and I mean no one could have told her the things she knew. It showed me just what a connection she truly has to the universe. If you need answers, I highly recommend Tracey, she will definitely give you any clarity you need just like she did for me... Thank you Tracey... I will be back!!!


Erica S. Eller - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is a very caring individual with a wonderful gift. She explains things so you understand them very well. I was so impressed with her that I am now a student of hers! I am very excited to see where my life goes with her by my side guiding and helping me! LOVE, LIGHT AND PRAYERS TO ALL!


Jennifer Robinson - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Medium Tracey Lockwood is an amazing person inside and out I have had meetings with her in person and on the phone both was great! She has helped and guided me in certain situations where I was completely lost and at a total stand still with my life! I have also referred her to friends and family which they absolutely love her as well and feel so much better after speaking with her. Very down to earth and helpful. She also will explain in detail about what is going on and not rush like a lot of people do. You matter and she truly cares!


Gregory Turner - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is amazing. I had a wonderful reading from her, and she identified many things. She is also a great instructor with the metaphysical arts. She has a wonderful personality, and her energy is warm and inviting. I highly recommend Tracey for all of your metaphysical needs. She is very gifted and hold everything in a respectful and loving light.


Josh Hazelwood - CLIENT / PEER gives 5 STARS

Tracey Lockwood is a very talented Psychic and visionary, moreover she provides guidance and teaching of how to step into your highest potential and gives you the insight that you need most in your life. Tracey Lockwood is a humble loving person that gives you compassion and understanding when you need it most. I highly recommend her skills for teachings and readings, furthermore I hope you receive the blessings of her presence as I have in her work and support.


Kyle Knisely - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is the real deal....in every way!!


Jill Estes - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

My experience with Tracey was life changing. Her connection to the other side brought me messages that validated she is the real deal. I highly recommend her to help you develop your spiritually.


David Lamarche - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

A truly caring medium who senses you with a global spirit that she surrounds you with (you will feel it). before she does a reading. You will not be disappointed. You will have a delightful experience


Laura Gonzalez - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

PHENOMENAL!!! Tracey has a sincere connection with the individual and spirit treating the whole experience with compassion and respect when providing a reading. As well, she is a PHENOMENAL teacher and guide for others opening herself and her experiences to the public with live online classes, radio and public appearances/private classes!! Thank you Tracey my wise owl!


Daniel Scranton - PEER gives 5 STARS

Tracey is a masterful psychic, healer, and spiritual guide. I highly recommend her and her services.


The Lush Whisperer - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Tracey is very professional and seriously cares about the integrity of her work. She is truly a gifted psychic and medium.


Tammy Lee - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

Very talented lady full of pure awesomeness!


Jacob Brandimore - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

Very kind and helpful. I would recommend her to any and everyone!


Melissa Archer - *** STUDENT gives 5 STARS

I actually would give her 10 stars. I'm a skeptic believer. There are people that that are complete, shameless fakes. Tracey is as real as you can get. Her Own energy is so soothing and welcoming, it is a treasure to just spend time with her. When it comes to readings, advice, communication with Spirit, she is so natural and amazing. I trust her completely, and I live by the "trust no one" philosophy. She is a true professional, legitimate, modest, and caring. If you are looking for someone talented and true in this field, you will not regret turning to Tracey Lockwood. Some day she will have wings.


Kimberly Simeroth – CLIENT / PEER gives 5 STARS

Tracey is one of a kind amazing! I've never met a medium that was so in touch with the spirit! She was able to let me know things from my mom that only my mom would have known. Tracey is truly gifted and so loving and caring. Very compassionate and empathetic!


Suellen Wine - CLIENT gives 5 STARS

I have used several Animal Communicators thru the years and Tracey is one of the best I've encountered. She was able to give me information about several of my pets, both living and dead. She was also able to give me some helpful information about a past relationship (in a previous life) with my 17 yr. old living pet who was terminally ill. This let me know what he needed emotionally, in order to pass on, and helped me recognize when he was ready to go. I sought answers regarding my pets which she provided, but she was also able to give me interesting insights into my own life. I highly recommend Tracey and she is well worth the money. (I had an in-person session with her.)


Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"What you have... is a gift, a gift and a treasure to help those like myself find closure where it can't be found elsewhere... I thank you again from the deepest part of my heart"

"I want to thank you again for my reading yesterday. It meant so much to finally get some answers. It's a lot to deal with for both [my husband] and myself, but connecting with him, through you, really brought me comfort."

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"I found Tracey to be a beautiful spirit. She's not doing this for the money like to many of them are. She really seems to love doing what she's doing and is a relaxed, calm, gifted person. She answered a lot of my questions and I never even opened my mouth about anything. I really liked her and I will definitely refer her to others as well as go back myself"

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"I just wanted to let you know you were dead on about [x]... so I know the rest will come true. The Universe has an odd way of validating itself... lol"

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"Will see her again! Very relaxed. In-depth reading. Wonderful experience"

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"I want to tell you that your reading was amazing and enlightening. it meant so much that you were able to contact my grand mother. I found out later that the older gentleman that showed up was my grand father. ? ... I've been looking into opportunities in [x] as well. Thank you."

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"Come with an open mind and heart ? It was a very emotional experience, but I felt very happy afterwards.

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

​"Love her! It was an amazing experience and I would recommend her."

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"She was kind and friendly, gave lots of good specifics. i would definitely recommend her."

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"Hi Tracey, I just wanted to say thanks again for the messages from my Mom. It really meant a lot to me... and knowing that she will be there to help me means so much... Thanks again! you are awesome!"

Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"I have referred several people to your site... you are terrific!"

Another Satisfied CORPORATE CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"I really enjoyed meeting you. Our clients are still talking about you."


7 Year old - CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"Tracey Lockwood is awesome and amazing"


Another Satisfied CLIENT gives Tracey 5 STARS

"luv ur accuracy"



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