I am EXTREMELY picky about psychics/mediums, etc. This is my field, and I've worked with the best. Tracey is absolutely gifted, she did not hesitate to convey strong, direct hits, accurately perceiving conditions, unique specifics related to my inquiries. She also accurately perceived the individuals I asked about, and was very honest and true-hearted in what she conveyed, of her perceptions. In addition, she has a beautiful spirit and old, loving soul and - the mark of a true teacher - an irreverent and welcome sense of humor. I adore her and recommend her service to any seeker, at any level. God bless you, sister. Victoria E. New York

I had a reading with Tracey a few weeks ago by phone.She was very warm and empathetic. She was able to connect me to the person i wanted to talk to with an accurate description, and familiar mannerisms. She was also able to relay their loving messages to me which felt like a beautiful gift.I love her U Tube videos,which she teaches about many interesting and informative topics on mediumship and afterlife in a comprehensive manner.
- Judith Lofgren

I have had several readings with Tracey and each one was better than the last. Tracey's insight was amazing and accurate. Tracey was able to give me strength and closure when the love of my life, my father passed on Easter Sunday Morning. Thanks to Tracey, I was able to keep moving forward with zeal . Tracey is truly a blessing in my life and she is all so a wonderful person.
- Dorothy Owsley

Very straight on! Very informative and helpful.
- Mary Schlesinger

I've known Tracey for over 3 years, I went to her for guidance, personally, emotionally and spiritually. Together with puzzled together pieces of me such as my Souls Purpose as well as finding parts of my past lives.We worked so well together that with time, she helped me find, my Twinflame. Tracey is amazing at what she does, I should tell you that I too am a Medium, but only found my potential through Tracey.I trust her completely and highly recommend her for direction in all areas of life
- Estela Cardoso

I had a wonderful few visits with Tracey and I can say first hand she's very gifted and spoke to my soul. I highly recommend a visit with Tracey. I was able to connect with loved ones and have a few questions answered. She's truly a blessing and first class in her industry! Love you Tracey!
- Merissa Sachs

Tracey Lockwood, is an excellent “physic” and educator. She is no-nonsense, down to earth empathy her insights spiritual guidance are excellent and on-target. She is on-target and excellent. If you have been searching for a teacher or just need a reading she is well worth scheduling an appointment. I found that she is excellent and on-point.
- Rick Gallaher

I have seen Tracey numerous times over the last 2 years, she has given me so much strength and guidance for a situation very dear to me. I have to say with much conviction "I couldn't have made it this far without her and would have made things far worse for myself had I not had her"!!! She is a truly kind and amazing person!!!!!!
- Linda Tolley

​They don't come any better than Medium Tracey Lockwood. I've personally had several readings with her and her abilities never stop amazing me. She places the missing puzzle pieces of your life and fills in the blanks. Has a way of reaching out and grasping things from your past long forgotten and brings to light to the present day answering do many questions. There is no doubt Tracey has a gift that not every medium has and her pursuance of integrity shines through giving you a perfect reading.
- Jean Travers

Tracey is a phenomenal psychic, medium, & teacher.  I had the pleasure of attending a weekend workshop with her on developing intuitive abilities. Tracey has a beautiful way of putting one at ease. She is skilled at helping students empower themselves, realize & validate their gifts. Her gentle & knowledgeable approach is effective in helping students grow. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their intuitive gifts.
-  Christina Fox

"What you have... is a gift, a gift and a treasure to help those like myself find closure where it can't be found elsewhere... I thank you again from the deepest part of my heart"
-- Another Satisfied Client

"I want to thank you again for my reading yesterday. It meant so much to finally get some answers. It's a lot to deal with for both [my husband] and myself, but connecting with him, through you, really brought me comfort."
-- Another Satisfied Client

"I found Tracey to be a beautiful spirit. She's not doing this for the money like to many of them are. She really seems to love doing what she's doing and is a relaxed, calm, gifted person. She answered a lot of my questions and I never even opened my mouth about anything. I really liked her and I will definitely refer her to others as well as go back myself"
-- Another Satisfied Client

"I just wanted to let you know you were dead on about [x]... so I know the rest will come true. The Universe has an odd way of validating itself... lol"
-- Another Satisfied Client

"Will see her again! Very relaxed. In-depth reading. Wonderful experience"
-- Another Satisfied Client

"I want to tell you that your reading was amazing and enlightening. it meant so much that you were able to contact my grand mother. I found out later that the older gentleman that showed up was my grand father. ? ... I've been looking into opportunities in [x] as well. Thank you."
-- Another Satisfied Client

"Come with an open mind and heart ? It was a very emotional experience, but I felt very happy afterwards.
-- Another Satisfied Client

​"Love her! It was an amazing experience and I would recommend her."
-- Another Satisfied Client

"She was kind and friendly, gave lots of good specifics. i would definitely recommend her."
-- Another Satisfied Client

"Hi Tracey, I just wanted to say thanks again for the messages from my Mom. It really meant a lot to me... and knowing that she will be there to help me means so much... Thanks again! you are awesome!"
-- Another Satisfied Client

"I have referred several people to your site... you are terrific!"
-- Another Satisfied Client

"I really enjoyed meeting you. Our clients are still talking about you." - Corporate Client

"Tracey Lockwood is awesome and amazing" - 7 year old client

"luv ur accuracy"
-- Another Satisfied Client

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