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Tracey's Weekly Radio Show

Popular psychic educator, speaker and radio show host Tracey Lockwood explores the tools of psychic mediumship, shares stories and experiences from the other side, and helps you to develop your abilities.

Life looks different "From a Medium's Perspective" with Reverend Tracey Lockwood, "The Medium's Medium"

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My Interview on Focused Radio 2017

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TV Interview with John Salas on   "Inside the Paranormal Virginia"

Public Engagements

Tracey offers an array of public speaking, psychic mediumship educational and consulting services.

She is known as "The Medium's Medium" due to the quality, accuracy and depth of her private readings and her extraordinary talent in helping others develop their individual intuitive abilities. As she explains the incredible field of psychic mediumship, she gives audiences a fascinating a look into other dimensions.

She is a coveted public speaker, and thoroughly enjoys interacting with audiences of all sizes, whether on stage, via radio, live webinar or television.