Whether you want to become a professional Psychic Medium or just want to explore the non-psychical parts of your being and see how far you can develop your sensitivity, one or more of these options is for you.

Developing your intuition and perceptive abilities is always a tremendous asset, and beneficial to all aspects of your life.

The range of self-study, private mentoring, focus studies, group training, professional coaching and certification options that Tracey offers are designed to support you at whatever level of practice you are.

Tracey is known as "The Medium's Medium" for her absolute ability to help other Mediums develop to their best and highest potential.


One-On-One, Live Tutoring Sessions with Reverend Medium Tracey Lockwood allows you to take your blossoming abilities forward quickly and at your own pace. Your hour+ sessions are intuitively taught, and the lessons/homework are specifically tailored to you and your interests.

  • Private Training - fee $333/single session with bundles of 4, 6, 8 and 12 classes available.



*** Payment & Scheduling Options Available ***

The Mediumship Series: 101 Beginner, 102 Intermediate, and 103 Advanced levels of study, is specifically focused on helping you develop and deepen your connection with those in spirit in progressive depth, ease of contact and evidence.

  • Mediumship 101 (4-week Beginner Level) - fee $1200
  • Mediumship 102 (6-week Intermediate Level) - fee $1,800
  • Mediumship 103 (6-week Advanced Level) - fee $1900

Bundle of 3 Levels/16-week entire series - fee $4,400 (this bundle saves you on the total cost of this 16-Week Series. Must be paid in a single payment. 

BONUS: you are given access to the academic training of Tracey's 24-Week Self-Study (a $549 value) for FREE

  • One Private Session Any Topic (one hour+) $333


Get Your Psychic Knuckles Crackin' is a 24-week, home-study program that will give you a solid introduction to the principle concepts in the field of psychic mediumship. A wide range of essential topics are covered in great depth, and weekly practice exercises that you can do on your own (purchase earns a $250 credit towards the full price of The PPMCP certification program)   

  • Get Your Psychic Knuckles Crackin'  - access fee $555


Channeling is a 4-week group or private  training series introducing a variety of ways that we can channel non-corporeal beings of light, star people, guides and angels, and the spirits of those that have crossed.  Suggested for the intermediate to more advanced student. 

In four, weekly, hour-and-a-half sessions, Tracey offers  her Channeling series twice a year. Space will be limited to allow for a personalized training experience (starting at the beginning of January and mid-September). 

If you prefer, a private version of this course may be personally arranged with Tracey. Private sessions are one hour+ in length.

  • Channeling - group course fee $555
  • Privately Tutored Channeling - fee $1200


The Professional Psychic Mediumship Certification Program (The PPMCP) is a 12-week intensive, comprehensive program combining two-and-a-half hour, live, weekly classes, self study, live practice readings and professionally mentored evaluations. Three levels of certification are awarded, according to personal performance, to those who complete the criteria.

Enjoy the 12-week group course, as scheduled in February and August of each year, or opt for a private version of the course and study independently, one-on-one with Tracey. Private version of the course will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable weekly time.

  • The PPMCP - $1800  with Partial Scholarships according to income likely available)
  • Private Study Version of The PPMCP  $4,400. No discounts available, but payment arrangements may be made.



Raise the Standard is for the professional psychic medium and includes a personal assessment and constructive critique of your demonstration or private reading styles.

Tracey will evaluate a sample of your work and give helpful and valuable insights to  help you improve your impact.

  • Raise the Standard - Fee $333 with bundles of multiple sessions available. 

if you are interested in any of the above options, or creating a unique combination of modalities, please contact Tracey directly, to discuss the details, by texting or calling her business cell at 540.998.9789 or emailing her at [email protected]


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